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The Development of Occupational Diversity in England 1350-1750

Kis Forrai:The Development of Occupatio
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The period of 1750-1850 for the idea on the Industrial Revolution with England in the leading role has long been analysed. However, over the years especially researchers into local history have refined the concept on the basis of extensive use of primary sources. In England archives have preserved valuable documents such as wills and probate inventories available for studies on each of the social classes' standard of living and means of earning a living. The book studies the manifold relationship between agricultural and industrial production namely textile industry and finds social history of England offers a distinctive approach to the origins of capitalism in England. Therefore, a survey to an alternative history of England 1350- 1750 is unfolded. The early form of woollen textile making for market in Yorkshire is analysed with special regard to social and economic restructuring and vernacular architecture expressing the capitalist activity and illustrating the lifestyle. The book in a changing world offers a wider approach incorporating modern concepts for both students and teachers of English history and culture.


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