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Professional Expertise

Yielder:Professional Expertise
Autor: Jill Yielder
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639093650

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The nature of professional expertise has been widely§examined, primarily from a dichotomy of perspectives§- either from an experiential or a cognitive focus,§without the attempt to integrate these, and other§aspects of expertise, into an integrated and coherent§model. §§This book is structured in two sections. The first§part incorporates a philosophical discussion, which§advances an integrated model of professional§expertise. The second part uses a case study focused§on the field of medical imaging to illustrate and§refine the model. §§Findings show that while expertise is situated in the§context of practice, it incorporates several§dimensions working together through the medium of the§individual practitioner. Expertise synthesises the§knowledge base, the cognitive processes, personality§and internal processes of the practitioner. It§manifests through, and builds on, interpersonal§relationships with clients and other professionals,§and is expressed through the actual doing of§professional practice. It is through the reflexive§examination of practice and management of change that§professionals may transform these integrated aspects§into the qualitative state of expertise.


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