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"Phenomenon" Sudden Infant Death Finally Understood

Rietig:"Phenomenon" Sudden Infant Death
Autor: Wolfgang Rietig
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Veröffentlicht am: 05.11.2008
Artikelnummer: 1190701
ISBN / EAN: 9783833480645

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Interested readers find out about the secrets of sudden infant death syndrome in a comprehensible form, finally allowing for light in the tunnel of mysterious occurrences. Not smoking and not placing the infant on its stomach are assigned top priority when it comes to SIDS. However there is a lack of explanation of what smoking does to actually cause the death of children. Likewise, there is no precise information provided on what the stomach sleeping position has to do with this life - threatening event. The beginning of the book first addresses the already known factors. This is followed by the causative section of the book which explains the processes leading up to the death of the child. The final section deals with clarification of prophylactic measures and therapeutic procedures. A reference work worth knowing. As opposed to other opinions, the author views the causes leading up to the sudden infant death, which are described in this book, as in his opinion unalterably recognized facts. The author began his 5-year study of naturopathy prompted by his own ordeal in 1976. During his 25 years of practicing as a naturopath, he was capable of saving one of his daughters from SIDS, who displayed clear symptoms of an acute life-threatening occurrence in her 3rd month of life. This event inspired the author to devote his utmost attention to this occurrence. The contents of this book clearly show that the author concedes highest priority to a holistic approach in view of pathological processes.


Autor Verlag Books on Demand
ISBN / EAN 9783833480645 Bindung Taschenbuch

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