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Electronic Moving Display Technology

Joel A.:Electronic Moving Display Techn
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Over the years, different types of electronic display technologies have been invading our private and public lives with some inherent health, security and environmental issues. And the so much talked about 'Technology transfer' or 'Bridging the Digital divide' has been anything but complete and satisfactory. Developed economies evidently are not wholeheartedly willing to unleash technologies that give them the niche they occupy in the 'global village'. Even when they do, it is 'too little too late'. The developing economies should be up and running for solution to this. This book demonstrates this far reaching solution. It provides the basic and deep understanding of the design principles involve in microprocessor-base moving displays and other electronic display technologies circuitry in general. Aside from offering students of electronics and professionals alike digital design procedures, its component circuits provides building blocks for many digital circuits which can be adapted and developed. On a broader scale chapter two gives a detailed review of past, present and future electronic display technologies and their health, security, environmental and other implications.


Autor Verlag VDM Verlag Dr. Müller
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