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Social Phobia and its Treatment with Subconscious Mind Therapy

Dovelos:Social Phobia and its Treatment
Autor: Ioannis Dovelos
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639233445

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Research on social phobia has focused almost exclusively on cognitive-behavioral and pharmacological approaches. Therefore, there is a clear need for additional research to examine the efficacy of alternative treatments. This study attempts to address this lack of diversity in current research by, firstly, presenting an alternative explanation of social phobia from the perspective of the Ego-State theory of personality and psychopathology. Secondly, this alternative theoretical approach is used as the foundation and rationale for the development of an original treatment protocol, designed to address the specific needs of people suffering from this disorder. The treatment model presented utilizes specially modified and integrated therapy techniques and strategies from Ego-State therapy, Ericksonian Hypnotherapy and New Hypnosis. This specific clinical approach is classified as a Subconscious Mind Therapy. A description of the treatment program and the sequence of therapy procedures is provided. The therapy stages are presented in enough detail to allow properly trained clinicians and researchers to test and use this therapy protocol.


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