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The Journey of Somali Refugees with Disabilities in Kenya

Abdi:The Journey of Somali Refugees wit
Autor: Siyat Abdi
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ISBN / EAN: 9783639129397

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The conditions in which refugees live in many parts§of the world is of concern to the international§community. In the Dadaab Camps in Kenya live hundreds§of thousands of refugees whose lives have been§shattered by unrest and violence, particularly in§neighbouring Somalia. Amongst these refugees are many§people with disabilities, often caused and/or§exacerbated by violence, malnutrition, and§discrimination. Refugees with disabilities are§largely invisible to the international community§because this group s needs are overshadowed by the§deplorable conditions which most people who live in§these camps experience. This work attempts to make§refugees with disability visible and give them a§voice. In a series of interviews, focus group§discussions, and case studies, their challenges,§experiences, and aspirations are explored. The first§author, himself an Ethnic Somali and vision impaired§since birth, brings a unique perspective to the lived§experience of those with a range of disabilities in§the Dadaab Camps. This book clearly identifies many§of these experiences and provides an important§roadmap for change for those in the Camps and the§international community.


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