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Black Sea Turkey and Central Anatolia

Black Sea Turkey and Central Anatolia
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Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikivoyage or other free sources online. Turkey's Black Sea coast is a distinctive part of the country. With plenty of rain, even in summer, it's the garden of Turkey. It is steep and craggy, damp and lush, and isolated behind the Pontic Mountains for most of its length. The coast west from Sinop to the Bosphorus is little visited, although the quaint seaside town of Amasra, with its Roman and Byzantine ruins and small, cheap hotels, is worth a look. Sinop, three hours northwest of Samsun, is a fine little backwater, with beaches on both sides of the peninsula, as well as a few historic buildings and several cheap hotels. Central Anatolia is the heartland of Turkey, both geographically and culturally. Tribes, races and empires have been fighting over these dusty steppes and hills for centuries, dragging cities from obscurity to prominence, or from prosperity to destruction, sometimes spending decades battling over the same patch of ground. Civilisations were made or broken in the crucible of the Anatolian summer, leaving tantalising glimpses of themselves behind. This books offers information on two regions in Turkey - Black Sea Coast and Central Anatolia.


Verlag Turtle Travel Edition ISBN / EAN 9786201561021
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