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Large Land

Carter:Large Land
Autor: Mike Carter
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Artikelnummer: 1375391
ISBN / EAN: 9783845445885

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This is the story of two good friends Shiv and Stitch and their first adventure into the place they call large land. It all begins as a bit of fun that will soon take them from the warmth and safety of the kitchen drawer. To a land where nothing is as it seems, and where danger is never far away. And as they begin their journey we will meet some of the characters that have made large land their home. Hobble the hare and Snuffle the hedgehog. And the mighty owl Romulus who lives and hunts from the rafters of the old barn. We will tip toe to the edge of pike wood where concealed by the morning mist the broken sails of dragon mill hold a secret. We can laugh at Fang the rhyming fox, and tremble as One Eye the sly approaches with the pike wood pirates, as they prepare to do battle with the shiny points. And there always watching always waiting, Twizzle the cushion cat and his licked clean dish. Two friends on a journey of discovery as they try to find a way home, welcome to Large Land.


Autor Verlag JustFiction Edition
ISBN / EAN 9783845445885 Bindung Taschenbuch

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