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Globalization in India

Heinzl:Globalization in India
Autor: Thomas Heinzl
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In February 2007 I participated in the Global Outreach Summer School Program organised by the Johannes Kepler University in Linz (Austria) and by the Indian Institution of Planning and Management (IIPM) in New Delhi (India). During this stay I gained a lot of insight into Indian culture as I was placed with a local family. I had the unique chance to take part in the every day life of an Indian family and to learn from them about tradition and Indian values. In one of the economic classes I attended I was told that India was an economic island with very little economic contact to the outside before 1991. However while at the campus I saw Indian students with Western clothes and using technological devices just as Western students do. Although the majority of the people I was in contact with still followed old Indian rules and traditions, the younger generation seemed to be more westernized. Through further observation, especially when with other students at the campus, it became clear that they strived to become more European and/or American. These discoveries led to several questions which are addressed in this book.


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