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Use of Natural Polysaccharides in Medical Textile Applications

Fouda:Use of Natural Polysaccharides
Autor: Moustafa Fouda
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Polysaccharides are composed of many monosaccharide unitsthat are joined one to the other by an acetal linkage to give along chain. In this work two special polysaccharides have been usedas candidates in medical textile applications: chitosan andß-cyclodextrin. Chitosan has been used as a new finishing agent inmedical textile application. Chitosan has been used also asantimicrobial coating agent in modern dentistry to treat denturestomatitis. ß-cyclodextrin (ß-CD) has been used in this thesis as adrug release candidate in pharmaceutical application. The very lowaqueous solubility of both antifungal agents (econazole nitrate andciclopirox olamine) does not allow the preparation of aconcentrated stock solution. Therefore, complexation with ß-CD hasbeen improved the aqueous solubilities of both drugs withoutmodification of their original structures,and hence increase theirbioavailability. The antimycotic influenceof ß-cyclodextrincomplexes against Candida albicans DSM 11225 and Candida kruseiATCC 6258, hence, the drug solubility has been measured using anew, rapid and novel method called laser nephelometry in microtiterplates.


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